Review: Three of a Kind, Gay-Friendly Hostel in Bangkok

Three of a Kind is a gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok, in the Silom district.

I’d initially gone to stay in Three of a Kind, a gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok, for a short duration of 3-4 days. I’d intended to travel onwards to Pattaya after I was done exploring Bangkok.

However, I loved staying in this backpacker hostel so much that I remained there for 14 days!

Bangkok is a city oversaturated with great gay experiences. It has the best drag shows in Asia, the best spas, night clubs, and even the best gay hotels.

However, Three of a Kind was the first hostel I came across that was so actively marketed as a gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok.

As a result of this, over half the backpackers in Three of a Kind were queer. If you want to go to a fun, chill, backpacker’s hostel where you can interact with other queer folks, there’s no place better than Three of a Kind.


Three of a Kind is located a short 10 minutes walk from the Surasak BTS Station. It’s smack right in the middle of the city. As such, it’s surrounded by great street food stalls, restaurants, café’s, etc.

As a gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok, it’s also within close proximity of all the LGBT+ attractions. The gay neighborhoods of soi 4 and soi 2 are a short 15 minute walk from this backpacker’s hostel.

People & Vibe

Three of a Kind very clearly distances itself from the label of a Party Hostel.

In fact, it feels more like a chill homestay than anything else. The guests usually hang around in the common room which has several homely couches, a TV set, and a kitchen you can use whenever you like.

Over half the people in Three of a Kind were gay men.

That’s not surprising considering the hosts very actively market this as a gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok.

I’m not sure if this is a universal thing, but I’ve always found it difficult to make platonic gay friends. It’s difficult to find platonic friends on Grindr, since that’s clearly a hookup app. It’s even more difficult to make friends in gay bars and clubs since everyone there, myself included, is looking to get laid at the end of the night.

In this gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok, I could strike up some great queer platonic friendships. 

Even the non-queer cis-straight people in Three of a Kind were pretty cool. In fact, one of the straight guys there told me, “this is the only place I know where you have to come out as straight.”

Another interesting thing about the backpackers in Three of a Kind — a lot of them were long-time guests.

In most backpacker hostels, the cycle of rotation is about 2-3 days. People come and go very fast. If you leave a hostel and come back a few days later, you won’t recognize any of the faces there.

While that makes them ideal to find travel companions, it’s not ideal for people who want to stay rooted in a place for long. To them it can get quite exhausting.

In Three of a Kind, most of the guys I met had been staying there for weeks and months. Like me, a lot of them came in for a short duration, but ended up staying very long. Perhaps that’s because Three of a Kind has a way of making you feel right at home.

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Three of a Kind has quite a homestay vibe. It has a cosy common room with graffiti on the wall, a TV set, and several couches. You can use the kitchen and refrigerator as you please.

The dorms come with about 10 beds or so, along with lockers. There are curtains on the bunk beds as well, in case you want some privacy. There’s one dorm in every floor, and one bathroom for every dorm.

The bathroom can only be occupied by one person at a time. As such, you might find yourself waiting for another person to finish sometimes.

There’s a balcony area, nicknamed “The Birdcage”. During the sunny days you can go up there and bask under the sun with a book or swing on the hammocks.

There’s nothing remotely fancy about this gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok. However, that didn’t really matter to me while I was there.

gay-friendly hostel in Silom, Bangkok
Three of a Kind Hostel’s Common Room


Three of a Kind is quite reasonable. A bed in one of the dorms costs ฿250 per day (Approx. ₹500 | $7.50).

You can find the current rates at the Three of a Kind TripAdvisor page.


Three of a Kind is the best gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok. In fact, it might just be one of my favorite backpacker hostels in all of Southeast Asia.

If you’re looking for fancy amenities and a party scene, this isn’t for you.

However, it’s the perfect place to make meaningful connections with other individuals across the gender and sexual spectrum.

three of a kind gay-friendly hostel in Bangkok