Review: Spartacvs, the Best Gay Hotel in Bali

Spartacvs, as far as I’m aware, is the only clothing optional exclusively gay hotel in Bali.

This makes Spartacvs quite a niche hotel. However, that very exclusivity really works in its favor. It was certainly my favorite hotel during my Bali travels.


Spartacvs hotel is located in the most gay-friendly part of Bali — Seminyak. Not only that, but it’s also just a 25 minute drive from the Denpasar airport.

Seminyak is one of the most tourist-y places in Bali. It’s completely gentrified, and thrives as the shopping and dining hub of the island. The streets in Seminyak are lined with cool boutique shops and charming roadside cafes. In fact, while walking around Seminyak I was hard pressed to find any locals outside of the shops.

Spartacvs, however, is located within a quiet alley. As such, a short walk can take you to the busy streets of Seminyak. This is perfect for you if you want to be connected to the life of Bali. The Double Six Beach is also quite close, not so much that you can walk to it, but close enough.

Furthermore, Seminyak also features some of the coolest bars and nightclubs in Bali. One street in particular has been dubbed “gay street” because it’s lined with gay and drag bars.


I had a particularly awkward online conversation with the owner of Spartacvs a few days before I went to Bali. This was my first time going to an exclusively gay clothing optional hotel. As such my head was swimming with possibilities and questions.

I didn’t know what were the rules in terms of sexual engagements. For some reason I assumed the poolside area would be peopled with contorted and sinewy fornicating limbs. I also wasn’t sure about how far the “clothing optional” label stuck. Did it also mean people dined in the restaurant au naturel? I had plenty of questions.

To my great mortification, I asked all those questions over mail (better safe than sorry.) I received a response from the owner who explained: “We wish to advise that the hotel has strict policies regarding sexual activity outdoors either with others or alone.” Basically, they gave me a stern warning that I couldn’t indulge in any self-loving in public. Nor could I fiddle-and-a-diddle with anyone else, in public. Fair enough.

In addition to the rules regarding sexual conduct, they also have rules about clothing. Even though Spartacvs is a clothing optional hotel, you need to be dressed while dining at the restaurant.

As such, even though Spartacvs is quite liberal, it’s not without its rules. If you prefer a clothing optional resort in which you can be nude 100% of the time, you can check out Bali au Naturel.

If you want to find out more about my personal experiences with nudist hotels, you can read the following blogpost: Going au Naturel at a Bali Clothing Optional Resort.

The totally understandable rules of conduct aside, Spartacvs was a pretty chill place to stay.

Spartacvs, Bali Clothing Optional Resort
Spartacvs Hotel, Seminyak



The people I met in Spartacvs were all quite diverse. During my first day, I met a guy from Sydney, two guys from Malaysia, and two from London. Based on what they told me, it seems the previous night had seen a pretty crazy orgy with some guys from Singapore.

Basically, the people I met in Spartacvs fell into two categories. Those who were all up for interacting with other people and hanging out. And those who just wanted to spend their whole days sunbathing by the pool in the nude.


The staff was quite helpful and friendly. One of them, while fixing up my room, did come on to me, quite coyly. However, a gentle “no” was all I had to say and he respectfully backed off.

Money Boys

Spartacvs, as I found, does let in “money boys”, i.e., locals who trade in sex. The money boys lounge in a corner of the pool area, keeping to themselves. They come in one at a time, and they cannot approach guests on their own. They can only reciprocate if someone else makes the first move.

I wasn’t aware of that. So when I saw one of the money boys looking at me, I naturally smiled back. We smiled at each other from the distance for a while. I kept expecting him to approach me, but he didn’t. I found it strange that he was only lounging in a corner of the pool area, rather than using the poolside loungers. Finally, he stripped and dipped into the pool, and I followed suit.

I tried conversing with him, assuming him to be another guest of the hotel. However, I soon grew suspicious because all his statements seemed to contradict each other. Furthermore, whenever I asked him about his room, he changed the subject. He insisted on visiting me in my room.

It finally dawned on me that he might be a money boy. I felt foolish for not having figured it out earlier, because on retrospect it all seemed so obvious. However, once I knew, I excused myself and bowed out of the conversation. I didn’t want to take up any more of his time, or risk turning away any of his actual business.


Spartacvs isn’t vast and sprawling like a lot of other hotels. In fact, in terms of size alone it’s quite small. However, that smallness only adds to the intimacy somehow.

The rooms are lined along two floors, right beside the pool area. As such, when you look out of your glass walls, you’ll either get to see the pool, or the adjoining restaurant. The pool also features a bar next to it, and plenty of loungers as well.

Perhaps what I found most aesthetically pleasing about Spartacvs was its bathroom setup. Spartacvs has an outdoors shower kind of setup wherein the shower doesn’t have a roof. This allows plenty of sunlight to come pouring in. This is really cool, have a look for yourself.

spartacvs bathroom
The Open Air Bathroom in Spartacvs

The rooms are spacious enough, draped in maroon bedsheets. Later at night, if you turn the lights off, the nightlight glows a reddish tint. This really helped enhance the sexual energy of my room.

spartacvs rooms
The Red Rooms in Spartacvs (Source: Spartacvs Website Gallery)


Spartacvs doesn’t have a lot of fancy facilities. It has a pool with loungers and a poolside bar. It also has a jacuzzi. The rooms feature their regular facilities, such as TV, etc. They have WiFi as well.

In the morning, they have a breakfast buffet in the restaurant. I can’t comment on the restaurant as a whole because I didn’t eat there much. However, their breakfast buffet is brilliant. They offer bacons, sandwiches, juices, etc. It’s well worth getting up early for.

Spartacvs Restaurant
The Spartacvs Restaurant (Source: Spartacvs Website Gallery)


There’s plenty to do in and around Spartacvs — the most centrally located and tourist friendly area in Bali.

Go Shopping: If you enjoy shopping, there’s no better market than the one in Seminyak. If you simply walk out of Spartacvs hotel’s lane, you’ll find yourself in a street lined with boutique stores.

Go to Potato Head Beach Club: Potato Head Beach Club is the prime beach club/ restaurant in Bali. In fact, if you interact with other tourists in Bali, I can bet they’ll recommend this to you. And for good reason too. It’s a little expensive by Bali standards, however it’s well worth it. It has a moody art-deco vibe about it, and it’s right next to the sea.

Go to Gay Street: Jalan Camplung Tanduk in Seminyak is lovingly dubbed “Gay Street”. It features several fabulous gay and drag bars, all side by side — Mixwell, Bali Joe Gay Bar, and Bottoms Up. One of them has a really fun drag event, featuring the likes of Lady Gaga, Pussycat Dolls, and Bali’s own Beyonce — Baliyonce!


Depending on your room, Spartacvs can cost approximately Rp 10.00.000 per day ($75 | ₹5000).

You can check out the current rates at the Spartacvs Booking page.


Spartacvs is a clothing optional and exclusively gay hotel in a gay-friendly neighborhood. It hosts an eclectic mix of guests. It’s surrounded by charming cafes and shops. And there are several gay and drag bars close by.

Seriously. What’s not to love?

The only problem is that you can’t visit this hotel if you’re straight, or if you’re traveling with straight people. Also, it most certainly isn’t family-friendly, if that wasn’t evident enough already.

If you’re looking for a clothing optional gay-friendly hotel that welcomes straight people and women, check out Bali au Naturel.

You can read my review of the hotel here >

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