Review: M Boutique, the Best Budget Hostel in Bali

This is a review of my favorite backpackers hostel in Bali —  M Boutique.

M Boutique was the backpackers hostel I stayed in while in Seminyak, Bali. I stayed in several other backpacker’s hostels as well. However, I believe M Boutique is the best budget hostel in Bali for a number of reasons.


M Boutique is situated in the ideal location. Seminyak is a thriving and buzzing tourist hub full of cafes and boutique stores.

It’s smack right in the middle of a street lined with several awesome eating joints. If you want a cheap food truck, you can find one right next to the backpackers hostel. If you want a charming restaurant serving local cuisine, you need only walk across the road. Hankering for some pork ribs and red meat? Just walk five minutes to the right. If you want… you get the picture.

Do you love hitting clubs and bars? If so, M Boutique is the best hostel in Bali for you because all the night clubs are close by!


M Boutique has a vibe quite like that of a college party.

In the evenings all backpackers lounge around the pool, exchanging travel stories, listening to music, and mingling over drinking games. The music is eternally blaring off the speakers all day and most of the night as well. You find plenty of people whom you can join on their journeys.

During my stay at M Boutique Hostel I met some other travelers with whom I moved on to Ubud.

M Boutique, hostel in Bali
M Boutique has a real chill vibe.


It’s hard to describe the people in M Boutique as a general whole. However, during my stay, I mostly came across other backpackers and travelers. As such, there was a deep sense of kinship and friendliness amongst everyone in the hostel. Especially considering many of them were solo travelers, such as myself. If you want to find out more about my personal experience, you can read my blogpost on my first time at a Backpackers Hostel in Bali.


The best thing about M Boutique hostel was its swimming pool. It was a large swimming pool with several floaters on it so that you could simply lounge about all day long. The common room had several packets of chips that you could help yourself to. They also had a large TV in one of the rooms.

M Boutique, hostel in Bali
M Boutique common area.

The dorms featured capsule beds. This is another one of the reasons I think M Boutique is the best hostel in Bali. The capsules are large, spacious, and have plug points right next to the pillow area. I treasure my privacy as much as I enjoy socializing. As such, the capsule beds are an ingenious solution to the privacy problem that all backpackers are faced with.

M Boutique, hostel in Bali
One of the mixed dorms in M Boutique.
M Boutique capsule bed.
The inside of the capsule does look an awful lot like a coffin, to be honest.

The bathrooms were clean, pristine white, and had plenty of shower and toilet stalls. The shower stalls also had shampoo and soap dispensers.

M Boutique, hostel in Bali
Bathroom stalls in M Boutique.


It’s a backpackers hostel so it doesn’t have a lot of fancy facilities. However, as previously mentioned, it has a great swimming pool with plenty of floaters. They also offer free breakfast, which mostly consists only of bread with Nutella and jam. That isn’t too tempting, however it’s a lot more than what a lot of other backpacker’s hostels offer.

M Boutique, hostel in Bali
Grab what you need right off the shelves.

In addition to that, a major concern when you go to a backpackers hostel is the WiFi. It’s hard to find one with even a decent WiFi speed. However, M Boutique is the exception to that. It had great WiFi.

I’m a Digital Nomad so I really need fast internet. I turned down several other backpackers hostels solely because they didn’t have a decent internet. However, in M Boutique I could work perfectly. For me, that is enough to establish M Boutique as the best hostel in Bali.


M Boutique is the cheapest hostel in Bali that’s actually livable and not swimming in bed bugs. The cost varies depending on the dorm size. A capsule in a mixed dorm costs Rp 125.000 per day ($9 | ₹600). You can book the capsule on a daily basis as well, if you want to remain flexible.

You’ll have to enter the dorm using a keycard and you’ll be given a bracelet with which to open your lockers. If you misplace them, you’ll have to cough up some extra money, so be careful.

You can check out the current rates of all the rooms at the M Boutique Booking page.


M Boutique is the best budget hostel in Bali. I can say that without a doubt in my mind. It’s really neat and clean. Because of the capsule system, you can have privacy even in a crowded dorm. The pool and the music gives it a really fun vibe, great for interacting with other people. It’s located in one of the most convenient and fun areas in Bali — Seminyak. It also offers awesome WiFi, and it’s the cheapest hostel in Bali.

I suppose that’s enough to establish M Boutique as the best hostel in Bali, don’t you agree?

All images taken from M Boutique Official Gallery.

Review M Boutique, hostel in Bali