Review: DOM Siem Reap, Gay-Friendly Hotel in Siem Reap

DOM Siem Reap is a great budget-friendly and gay-friendly hotel in Siem Reap. It fulfilled my craving for the occasional touch of luxury. However, it was budget-friendly enough that I didn’t have to sacrifice several days or weeks on the road.

In DOM Siem Reap you could live in luxurious suites at the rate of a cheap guest house. This might sound hyperbolic but it’s true. The hotel could achieve this mix by picking and choosing where they wanted to be luxurious or deficient.

I won’t lie to you, there are several aspects in which this queer-friendly hotel in Siem Reap is completely lacking. However, if you want luxury but can’t yet afford it, DOM Siem Reap is the closest you can get.

In this review, I’ll take you through all the pros and cons of this gay-friendly hotel in Siem Reap.

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The location is actually the biggest drawback of DOM Siem Reap.

It’s isolated, but not in the quiet countryside kind of way. In fact, it might just be too centrally located, if there is such a thing.

Allow me to explain. DOM Siem Reap hotel is located deep within several alleyways. It’s within the city of Siem Reap. However, it’s not close to Pub Street, or the Night Market, or all the other primary tourist streets.

As such, you’ll be far away from all the night markets, pubs, etc. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to walk over to the prime streets.

Additionally, there aren’t a lot of café’s and restaurants in the vicinity either. If you want something to eat, you’ll have to walk quite a distance.

I suppose the remote location is one of the main reasons why this luxury hotel is so cheap.



As an LGBT-friendly hotel in Siem Reap, a lot of the hotel guests are in the queer spectrum.

To be honest, I didn’t speak to a lot of people here. However, my Grindr blew up on entering the hotel premises. So that was a fair indication.

There were, of course, straight people here as well. However, because it’s advertised as a gay-friendly hotel, you’d find a lotta’ pink tourists here.

Because it’s so queer-friendly, you can also have midnight callers come over without fear of judgment.


DOM Siem Reap is owned and managed by a gay Italian man. And his staff comprises entirely of gay men as well, both local and immigrant.

As such, if you want any gay bar recommendations, just ask them. Or, you know, simply read my guide on Siem Reap’s gay bars and hotels. No pressure.

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DOM Siem Reap is designed in the stylings of a large Cambodian villa.

You can have breakfast out by the pool every morning. The breakfast is complementary.

DOM Siem Reap Gay Hotel
DOM Siem Reap is designed like a vast Cambodian villa.


The rooms in DOM Siem Reap are spacious and well provided.

I stayed in a double-bed suite with a separate balcony and a living room as well. I was provided with all the necessities such as an electric kettle and some sachets of tea and coffee. The room itself was quite vast and the bed was soft and large, the kind that you can sink into.

dom siem reap gay hotel
The balcony at DOM Siem Reap.

The general aesthetic of the suite was minimalist, both in terms of furniture and decorations. The walls were completely white and plain. I’m not at all sure whether the bareness of the suite was a failed attempt at minimalism, or simply a result of being a new hotel.

dom siem reap gay hotel
Minimalist or Barren? You decide.


The bathroom was my favorite aspect of this LGBT-friendly hotel in Siem Reap. In fact, I would whole-heartedly recommend spending a night or two in DOM Siem Reap purely for their bathroom!

The bathroom was almost as spacious as the room itself. However, it was a lot warmer in terms of aesthetics and color palette. The wall tiles were patterned in hardwood shades, which made the bathroom feel comforting.

dom siem reap gay hotel
The warm hardwood patterned bathroom walls.

They also had a separate rain shower and a bathtub. The soaking tub was made of marble and it was large enough for two to sink into it.

A good bathroom is the very hallmark of any luxury accommodation. And on that end, DOM Siem Reap did not cut any corners.

DOM siem reap gay hotel
A soaking tub big enough for two at DOM Siem Reap.


DOM Siem Reap is tragically lacking in amenities and facilities. They have a lobby, several suites, a pool, and a dining area, but that’s it.

The pool is great, no doubt. However, there’s no bar to go with it.

dom siem reap gay hotel
A pretty pool, but no bar to go with it.

While they serve complimentary breakfast, they don’t have a restaurant you can have any other meals at. The latter of these was particularly annoying to me. Every time I found myself rumbling, I had to take a long walk outside to find a restaurant or even a street joint.

However, I’m willing to excuse the lack of facilities because the hotel is new and still trying to find its footing. Furthermore, they’re already so ridiculously cheap! What more can you expect?


As I’ve emphasized several times already, DOM Siem Reap is the cheapest luxury gay hotel you can find. Well, “luxury” is being generous, let’s call it luxury-adjacent.

The prices start at around $25 or ₹1750.

You can book yourself into this gay-friendly hotel at DOM Siem Reap


DOM Siem Reap is a newly built hotel that tries to offer luxury accommodation at budget-friendly rates.

While the rooms are spacious and comfortable, they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as an actual luxury suite. The bathrooms are definitely the highlight of the hotel and serve as a reminder of its true potential.

While they have a nice pool with loungers, they are woefully short of other facilities, such as a restaurant. Furthermore, the remote location can be troublesome for you if you intend to travel a lot.

Having said that, DOM Siem Reap is a budget-friendly and gay-friendly hotel. As such, if you’re a backpacker looking for a moment of luxury, a respite from hostels, or simply for queer company, this is the right place.

DOM Siem Reap Gay Hotel