A Queer Guide to Chiang Mai Gay Bars and Hotels

Looking for a fabulous queer night out in Thailand’s northern spotlight Chiang Mai? In this article, I’ll list out the best Chiang Mai gay bars and hotels to queer up your holidays!

There aren’t as many Chiang Mai gay bars and hotels in the city as one may hope. It’s a great city, and, like most of Thailand, it’s surprisingly LGBT-friendly. However, Chiang Mai is a bit lacking in fabulous gay spaces.

Chiang Mai does have a dedicated street — soi 6 — that’s considered a gay street. However, it’s not nearly as exclusive as, say, Bangkok’s Silom soi 4 or soi 2.

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Some may even say this lack of exclusivity is a good thing. While there aren’t a whole lot of Chiang Mai gay bars available, most of them are at least gay-friendly.

However, if you’re looking for a fabulous queer night out, just being gay-friendly doesn’t cut it. You need cute bare-chested bartenders, drag queens, glitter, and the whole shebang!

Well, I spent a period of 2 weeks in Chiang Mai. And in this article, I’ll tell you all about the exclusive Chiang Mai gay bars. I’ll also give you few recommendations for gay and gay-friendly hotels in the city.

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Best Chiang Mai Gay Bar — RAM Bar

One of the most well-reputed Chiang Mai gay bars in the city is RAM Bar.

ram bar chiang mai gay bar
RAM Bar, Chiang Mai.

Perhaps the primary reason for RAM Bar’s lasting appeal is their nightly cabaret show. If you enjoy a good drag show, you can’t miss this. Every evening, for a period of two hours, they put out a number of cabaret shows onstage.

While the drag bars in Bangkok are more comedically inclined, the shows in RAM Bar are purely performative. The drag queens take you through a whole range of diverse numbers. From ethnic folk ballads to 80s diva classics and steamy Top40 numbers, they serve it all!

I went to the RAM Bar on several occasions and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they always change the numbers. The centerpiece of the show featured a steamy out-of-drag performance of Adam Lambert’s “For Your Entertainment”.

After the show is over, you can even approach the performers, interact with them and take photographs.

They don’t charge an entrance fee. However, you’re expected to at least order something while you’re there. The cheapest thing on the menu, including water, costs ฿100 (Approx.  ₹200 | $3.50).

Other Chiang Mai Gay Bars

69 Bar

69 Bar is one of the latest Chiang Mai gay bars in the city. It’s also located in soi 6 and has been founded by the owners of the former gay sauna — 69 Massage.

69 Bar offers seating both inside and outside. They have purple walls all around and a cute set of wait staff. However, it’s just a regular gay bar and doesn’t feature any shows. As such, it’s one of the best Chiang Mai gay bars for meeting people, not so much for solo entertainment.

69 bar chiang mai gay bar
69 Bar | Image Source: Gay in Chiang Mai

Secrets Bar

Secrets Bar is one of the oldest Chiang Mai gay bars in the city. As such, its prime demography seems to be an older expat crowd.

Secrets Bar is located quite close to RAM Bar. However, when I went there, it happened to be quite empty. However, that isn’t necessarily representative of all days in the bar,

Secrets Bar is a great place to chill, play some pool, and meet people.

Secrets Bar gay bar chiang mai
Secrets Bar | Image Source: Gay in Chiang Mai

Best Gay Hotels in Chiang Mai 

Now that you know about the best Chiang Mai gay bars, it’s time to look into the gay hotels. The best Chiang Mai gay hotels are ideally located within a short distance of soi 6. As such, they’re easily accessible to all of the Chiang Mai gay bars.

Duangtawan Hotel

Duangtawan Hotel is one of the most luxurious Chiang Mai gay hotels. It has its own outdoor pool, sauna, fitness center, restaurants, etc. Furthermore, the rooms offer a clear view of the city beyond. However, what makes it one of the best gay hotels is its proximity to the best Chiang Mai gay bars.

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Bodhi Serene Chiang Mai

Bodhi Serene is one of the best gay hotels in Chiang Mai. It’s a short walking distance from the Night Market and the Chiang Mai gay bars. Furthermore, it also features an outdoor pool, courtyard, and lavish rooms with wooden furnishings.

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The Rim Chiang Mai Hotel

The Rim Chiang Mai Hotel is located on the western front of Chiang Mai Old Town. It’s within walking distance of the best Chiang Mai gay bars in the city. As far as the aesthetic is concerned, it’s designed in a Thai-Lanna architectural style, surrounded by a tropical courtyard.

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De Naga Hotel Chiang Mai

De Naga Hotel isn’t as closely located to the Chiang Mai gay bars as the other hotels on the list. However, it’s within walking distance of some of the most stunning temples and as such is great for sightseeing. It’s also close to GINGER & Kafe, a gay-owned and run restaurant, and several gay massage parlors.

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De Lanna Hotel

De Lanna Hotel is located smack right in the middle of Chiang Mai Old Town. As such, it’s within close proximity of all the best queer attractions in the city. The Chiang Mai gay bars are within a short walking distance, as are popular gay spas such as House of Male and Sanctuary.

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Well, so these are some of the best Chiang Mai gay bars and hotels in the city.

As you can see, Chiang Mai doesn’t have as many queer exclusive spaces as Bangkok. However, it still has plenty for a fabulous queer night out in the city!

Do comment down below and let me know which of these queer hangouts you liked best. And if you have any other questions about them, feel free to ask away!

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