Review: Bali au Naturel, a Clothing Optional Resort in Bali

Bali au Naturel, as the name suggests, is a clothing optional resort in Northern Bali.

In addition to being a safe haven for naturists, Bali au Naturel is also a popular gay-friendly destination. Probably because it’s owned and run by a lovely gay couple.

I had the pleasure of spending three days in Bali au Naturel during my recent travels. In this review, I’ll share all that I know about it!


Bali au Naturel is located on the northern extreme of the island, in a place called Bondalem, Tejakula. As such, Bali au Naturel is completely removed from all the prime activities of the island.

During my Bali travel, I arrived at the Denpasar airport late, at around 9pm. I’d already asked the owners of Bali au Naturel to send me a car. As such, I found my chauffeur waiting for me outside the airport gates, a placard in his hand.

I appreciate that I didn’t have to wait too long at the airport. However, the drive over to Bali au Naturel took up over 3 hours from the Denpasar Airport. By the time I reached, it was well past midnight.

In addition to that, my driver informed me that their restaurant usually shuts down at 9pm. As such, I had to stop by a McDonalds on the way to the resort.


The owner of Bali au Naturel showed me around the premises the next day. I’d never been to a clothing optional resort before so the experience was only slightly harrowing. You can read all about my personal experience in this resort in my blogpost called Going au Naturel at a Bali Clothing Optional Resort.

There are some clothing optional resorts in which you can only be nude in certain parts of the hotel. As opposed to that, Bali au Naturel is a lot more liberal. You can hang around in the nude anywhere, even the restaurant.

This clothing optional resort has a pretty laid back and chill vibe. Bali au Naturel, as I mentioned earlier, is really far from all the excitement of Bali. As such, Bali au Naturel attracts a very specific crowd. It attracts couples looking for isolation, individuals hoping for solitude, or really old people who are done with society.

I met people who fell into all three of those brackets during my stay at Bali au Naturel.

A fair number of straight naturists frequent this nudist resort, despite it being run by a gay couple. During my conversations with some of the staff, I found that Bali au Naturel once catered exclusively to gay clients. However, as Bali au Naturel gained popularity, straight people started frequenting it as well. As such, it now caters to all kinds of people. As far as the age bracket is concerned, Bali au Naturel is populated by people several generations older than me.


Bali au Naturel is a clothing optional resort smack right in the middle of nature. It really puts the nature in “Naturel”. It’s surrounded by lush gardens, trees, plants, etc.

Bali au Naturel Bungalow
When green is all you see.

When I looked out of the glass walls of my cabin, I could even see snails pacing up trees trunks. Additionally, the cabins and bungalows resemble and feel like tree-houses. Because of the glass walls, it often feels like you’re sleeping out in the open.

Bali au Naturel Bungalow
Hardwood floors and plenty of natural light.

The walls, few as they may be, and the floors, are all made of polished dark wooden planks. This makes the cabin look really moody, especially at night.

Bali au Naturel Bungalow
Got my brooding night light on.


Bali au Naturel has a common area with a TV and some DVDs you can use to entertain yourself. They also serve complimentary coffee and tea.

This common area is right next to a fairly large pool. It isn’t a heated pool, but it’s not bad either. They have another pool on the other side of the resort, however I didn’t check that one out.

Bali au Naturel Swimming Pool
Skinny dipping in the pool.

In addition to the pool, they also offer a massage service. However, don’t expect 5-star luxury treatment in their spa. It’s a lot more rudimentary in nature. They have a masseuse who doubles as a gardener. You can avail of his services between 10am and 5pm.

As with most massage services in Bali, you’ll receive this in the nude, unless you specify otherwise. The masseuse had strong hands and he took care of me real well. Halfway through the massage, the masseuse started edging his way towards my nether regions.

When this happens you can do one of two things. You can let him continue and enjoy the full “happy ending” treatment. Or you can let him know you’re not interested, either with your words or your body language. I allowed him to continue without protestation, and he deftly took care of me, before cleaning me up.

They also have a fitness center in case you need to keep pumping iron to live.


Bali au Naturel, being so isolated and remote, is pretty sparse as far as activities are concerned. During my three day stay, I didn’t get a chance to do much. The weather didn’t permit it (it was raining). However, if you’re not as unfortunate, you can do one of the following things.

Go Snorkeling

Bali au Naturel is located next to Celagi Beach. It’s a moody black sand beach with tempestuous slate-grey skies and icy-blue waters. A gate next to the Bali au Naturel restaurant leads you straight to the beach.

Celagi is an ordinary (read: non-nude) beach populated by local fishermen. As such, you should be careful not to step out of the resort in your au naturel visage.

Celagi beach is usually calm. However, when I was there, it was pretty stormy so I couldn’t go snorkeling.

Celagi Beach, Bali
That’s me not snorkeling at Celagi Beach, cause it’s stormy.

Climb Mount Batur 

Bali au Naturel is quite close to the famous Mount Batur, a 1700m active volcano in Bali. Again, if the weather permits, you can get a guide and go hike over the volcano. However, I didn’t get that chance. So I stood wistfully in the distance and sighed away.

Mount Batur, Bali
Wistfully staring at Mount Batur from a distance.


The Bali au Naturel restaurant timing is quite an issue for me. It closes at 9pm sharp. In addition to that, it follows a very strict schedule. If you don’t have your meals within the allotted time you’ll be forced to go hungry. Don’t expect to get a Dominoes delivery all the way to Bali au Naturel, that’s not happening.

However, if the timing isn’t an issue, the restaurant is pretty decent. You get a free breakfast buffet in the morning. It comprises a spread of Peanut Butter, Nutella, breads, and some tropical fruits. In addition to that, you can order yourself some pancakes, some bacons with sausages, or some eggs.

Their lunch and dinner menu isn’t as expansive as the menu you’d find in a fancy restaurant in the city. However, it’s adequate and has the basics of different types of meals, be it Continental, Chinese, Indonesian, or Italian. During my stay at Bali au Naturel I gorged myself on Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) for every meal.

Nasi Goreng, Bali Fried Rice
Nasi Goreng, my staple meal throughout my stay at Bali au Naturel.

Furthermore, the Bali au Naturel restaurant is located right next to Celagi beach. As such, you can always hear the waves while enjoying your meal. The rooftop, from which you can observe the sea, is moss-infested and slippery. As such, it doesn’t feature a seating arrangement. Lost opportunity.

Early April in Bali
Climb up to the roof of the restaurant. You can see the arms of the ocean lapping against the shore. Unfortunately, you can’t eat there, all moss infested. Sad!


It depends on the accommodation you get. However, on an average it can cost you about Rp 850.000 per day ($65 | ₹4200).

You can check out the current rates at the Bali au Naturel Booking page.


You’ll either hate or love Bali au Naturel.

If you’re truly looking for complete seclusion from all forms of life and society, this is perfect for you. If being completely naked at all hours, even while eating, is important to you, then again this is ideal.

However, if you’re hoping to meet other people, this is the wrong place. If you’re in Bali to go to parties, go sightseeing, etc, find accommodation that’s more central.

If you’re a gay man, looking for a clothing optional hotel where you can also enjoy the company of other gay people, I suggest you check out Spartacvs in Seminyak.

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If you have any other questions about Bali au Naturel, or clothing optional gay-friendly resorts in general, feel free to comment down below and let me know!

Take Care,


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