2017 Delhi Queer Pride Parade… through the Eyes of a Newbie

I attended my first Delhi Queer Pride Parade this Sunday.

I’ve been living in and around Delhi for the past four years. Yet, every time the Delhi Queer Pride came around, I was otherwise indisposed and couldn’t go.

Just my dumb luck, I suppose. How in the hell can I call myself a fierce Queer if I haven’t ever been to a Pride?

Well, anyway, so I decided this would finally be the year. I would march at the Delhi Queer Pride, face painted for the gods, shouting slogans in queer defiance.

There wasn’t a whole lotta’ shouting for me though. When my social paralysis takes over I can hardly utter a peep let alone shout out slogans.

I marched down with my friends, not shouting aloud as I’d initially thought, but rather silently marveling at the sheer numbers and colors all around. There was so much colors, so much people, so much funny banners, so much glitter, so much muchness all around!

Rohan Tandon delhi queer pride 2017
So much muchness at the Delhi Queer Pride!

Thousands of people took over the streets in their fierce queer colors during the Delhi Queer Pride Parade.

We were all braving the relentless Delhi smog, ‘cause ashen skies ain’t got nothing on them rainbows!

Sometimes, we trailed in the back, being ushered ahead by the police.

Sometimes, we found ourselves under the colorful blanket of the rainbow flag as it drifted over us.

And sometimes, we found ourselves the subject of an impromptu interview by one of the many people eager to cover the event for their personal blogs, newspapers, magazines, etc.

2017 Delhi Queer Pride Parade
Somewhere under the rainbow.

The Importance of Delhi Queer Pride, or any Gay Pride, ever…

While marching past, we found a girl standing on the road dividers. She had a bag of paints with her, and she was offering to paint people of her own volition.

Two of my friends quickly hopped on the road divider as well and offered to help her out. Everyone passing by seemed to want their faces painted.

And that, I suppose, is the power of numbers. That, I suppose, is why the Delhi Queer Pride, or any pride, is so important. It’s a vehement rejection of queer erasure.

We all wanted to be painted because we wanted our queerness to be writ all over our faces. There was no hiding here. As one of the banners read, “Closets are for Clothes.”

I wasn’t dressed nearly as fabulously as some of the other queer folks. However, I wanted my queerness to be immediately apparent even when I left the Delhi Queer Pride Parade. Even on the metro I rode back home.

Visibility is really important in general, but especially so in a country in which… well, I won’t get into that (that darned number 377) right now. But you can read about it here.

2017 Delhi Queer Pride Parade
Wearing your queerness on your face.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention all of the great costumes and gay AF banners!

But I really don’t think I need to tell you about them. You can simply marvel at them yourselves by going through these photographs!

Photo Gallery: 2017 Delhi Queer Pride Parade

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Well, I hope you’ve become a 1000% gayer after going through those pictures! If not, have some glitter!

Rohan Tandon 2017 Delhi Queer Pride Parade